Partly Sunny and Dry This Wednesday (though this thread is really about my Tuesday)

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The above pic. is the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Tuesday PM. The dividing line between sunshine and clouds was just north of Grand Rapids during the PM. You can also see fog over much of northern Lake Michigan and the Mackinac Bridge area.

Mackinac Bridge 10.5.21

This is what the Mackinac Bridge looked like in the fog. You just drive right up into the cloud. There are patches of fog around again this Weds. AM. Most of us should see a dry and fairly pleasant day.

Evening picture looking north from Alpine Township

Here’s an evening picture I took looking north from Alpine Township. You can see the clearing to the north. Compare this pic. to the satellite picture at the top of this thread.

Thatcher Park in Ravenna

One of the things I hope to do a lot of in my retirement is to visit towns here in West Michigan. During the course of my nearly 47 years here in West Michigan, I managed to drive all over visiting schools to talk about weather. I literally made several thousand school visits and came to many of these towns…but it’s been awhile and I have more time now. Tuesday, my wife and I headed to Ravenna. I drove past Beechnau Elementary School. I worked with Dr. Beechnau in Boy Scouts.

Ravenna, Michigan is named after Ravenna, Ohio – the hometown of the surveyor who platted the land. Ravenna, Ohio is named after Ravenna, Italy. The above picture is Thatcher Park, along the banks of Crockery Creek. There’s a spinning water wheel in the park, a nice playground, a gazebo and picnic tables. Gayle and I packed a lunch and ate there at one of the tables in the park.

There’s a slide built into a hill in the park (it’s been there forever) and I couldn’t resist going down it one time.

Flowers in Thatcher Park

Lots of pretty flowers in the park – white, sharp purple and these a mild lavender.

Fall Colors in Sullivan

Here’s some fall colors close to the Musketawa Trail in Sullivan (Muskegon Co.). I once rode my bicycle along the entire length of the trail from Walker to Muskegon. My wife picked me up in Muskegon that day – very nice (and flat) pedal.

Deer along Apple Avenue

We passed a whole bunch of deer in a field on Apple Avenue.

On the way back from Ravenna – I stopped at the Alpine Athletic Field and walked 3 miles. Lots of mushrooms scattered about right now. I picked about 30 of them in my front lawn this AM. These are yellow muchrooms at the Athletic Field.

Pumpkins at a farm stand on 6 Mile Road west of Alpine Ave.

We got an awesome pumpkin for just $2. There are lots of pumpkins available right now and they are relatively in expensive this year.

The fall color change is slowly coming…warmer than average temps…I’ve noticed yellow locust trees and some cottonwoods dropping leaves that are both yellow and brown.

ALSO: Pretty pics. of waves. Bright fireball in Colorado. Lava destroying homes in La Palma – Canary Islands. Train pushing through heavy snow.

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