So far, there has been only one tornado in Michigan in 2023. That was a weak EF0 tornado that occurred April 1 near the town of Dundee in Monroe County. Despite being weak, it did remain on the ground for over 7 miles.

The map above has a red dot for every tornado that has occurred since Jan. 1. Leading the pack is Illinois with 80 twisters. Right behind the Land of Lincoln is Alabama with 79. Mississippi is a distant third with 40. It’s interesting that Illinois has had 80 tornadoes and Michigan only one.

California has had 7 confirmed tornadoes this year, including an EF1 in Los Angeles – with peak winds of 110 mph. It was the strongest tornado in the L.A area in 3 decades. On the other side of the coin, Kansas – sitting in the middle of “tornado alley” – has had only two tornadoes this year.

In the graph above, the red line is the # of tornadoes this year and the dark line is the average (2005-15) number of tornadoes. At 532, we’re well ahead of the average number of tornadoes to date (348).