On the Road – Day 2

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Today (Fri.) was the day of the wake and funeral that Gayle and I attended in S. Illinois. With respect to everyone, I only took pictures at the meal that followed the funeral and I won’t share those beyond the family. Up top are some of the flowers – very pretty. I did get to see family members I had not seen in years. My five cousins are now spread out over 3 states.

Beautiful Day and Beautiful Flowers at the Motel in Salem IL

It was a beautiful day…a touch cooler and less humid with daytime temps. in the low-mid 80s and very tolerable humidity levels. Here’s some nice flowers at the motel we stayed at. In the evening a deer came out of the forest next door for about 30 seconds and ran back into the woods.

Along the road in SE Illinois

We stayed until about 4 pm, then took off to the east, traveling the back roads. We stopped once for ice cream at a small stand. This area has a lot of huge horseflies right now and when I stopped the car, there were usually two or three of them that sat on my windshield. Here’s a typical scene…the corn looked better here. More corn than beans here and an occasional field of something else. Many of the homes had vegetable gardens. I mentioned this yesterday, but every small town seemed to have a water tower and a grain elevator.

This duck was in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move

We’re driving along at 55 mph and this duck is in the middle of the road. We slowed down…honked…it didn’t move. Gayle was driving and we came to a complete stop. I got out of the car and literally chased the tuck back onto the grass. There was a home there, but no one was outside. In fact, we saw very few people outside and I wonder if the horseflies didn’t have something to do with that.

Pool with inflatable duck

This is my summer to see pools with inflatable animals. I wrote about the motel with the inflatable chicken. We’re driving along and we see a very similar above ground pool…this time with not an inflatable chicken…but an inflatable duck.

Sunset Friday 7 26 19

This was sunset Friday evening near Allendale lL. Note the speck of sunshine coming through the trees. There appeared to be a thin layer of smoke that gave the sky a peach color at sunset.

Oil pump at sunset

About a block away from the motel we are staying at is a corn field and just inside the corn field is an oil pump. There was what looked like a can burning off to the side…burning off methane? I thought it was odd that this wasn’t fenced in. These things have always looked like a dinosaur to me. Oh, and speaking of dinosaurs…do you see this? They found an 1,100-pound dinosaur bone in France. They say the creature that owned this bone could have weighed up to 100,000 pounds!

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