Number of tornadoes has greatly decreased of late

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The number of tornadoes in the U.S. has declined significantly in the last 12 days.  From May 17-29 (13 days) we had 486 tornadoes in the U.S. (a lot!).  Then, from May 30 – June 10, we had just 69 tornadoes total.  The most tornadoes was on May 27, when 91 tornadoes were spotted. 

Here’s Michigan storm reports…red dot for a tornado, blue dot for wind damage and green dot for severe criteria hail.  You can see the one tornado we’ve had in West Michigan near Lacey in Barry Co.  So far this year Texas leads the list with 154 tornadoes (it’s a big state), followed by Missouri with 88, Oklahoma with 85 and Alabama with 76.  Fourteen states have not had a tornado this year (including Wisconsin). Another 5 states have had just one tornado. California has reported 14 tornadoes (all weak and short-lived).  We’ve had 38 tornado fatalities…23 of them in the Lee Co. Alabama tornado – many of those deaths were to people in mobile homes.

Here’s peak wind gusts from Monday.  We’ll see gusts like this again on Thursday from the northwest.

Rainfall Sunday into early Monday…soggy end to Festival in G.R.  Fremont tops my West Michigan list, though Eaton Rapids had 2.25″ of rain. 

River levels in W. Michigan are well above average flow:  As of midnight, the Grand River at Grand Rapids had a flow of 7,020 cubic feet per second – the average is 3,060 cfs.  The Kalamazoo River at Comstock had a flow of 1,390 cfs compared to an average of 797 cfs.  The St. Joseph River at Niles had a flow of 6,170 cfs compared to 3,110 cfs and the Muskegon River at Evart had a flow of 2,030 cfs compared to an average flow of 875 cfs.  

Here’s a pic. from our camera at the South Haven Beach.  There were 3 kayak-surfers out in the evening.  The morning water temp. at S. Haven was 55°. 

Here’s a pic. right after sunset at S. Haven…one sailboat…a few people on the beach and a few walking up and down the breakwaters.  The waves had calmed down quite a bit in the evening and were not crashing over the piers and breakwaters. 

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