Next Sunset at Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska Will Be August 2

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Here’s a look at the webcam from Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska. The sun rose Monday (5/10) and won’t set until August 2nd. Utqiagvik is north of the Arctic Circle and it’s “the land of the midnight sun”. They’ll go 84 days before the sun sets again.

They need all the sun they can get. Monday the high temp. was 20F and the low was 12F. The sun at solar noon in Utqiagvik climbs to 37 degrees above the southern horizon. By contrast, today (5/10) the sun climbs to 65 degrees above the horizon in Grand Rapids. In G.R. the sun is 37 degrees above the horizon (today, 5/10) at 5:22 pm.

The average high temperature at Barrow climbs to a high of 47° in mid-July. They average only 120 days a year when the temp. climbs above freezing and they have 106 days a year when the temp. stays below 0°F. They average 30% sunshine and 70% cloudy skies over the year and they average just 37.7″ of snow a year, about half the average annual snowfall in Grand Rapids.

Snow in Wyoming Monday May 10 2021

Speaking of snow, this is how it looked in parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Much of this area has had above average snow this winter and winter is hanging on a long time this year in the Rockies.

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