A Winter Storm Warning is out for western Mackinac Co. and southern Schoolcraft Counties in the U.P. from noon this Tuesday until 8 pm for 4-8″ of new snow. A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect from noon until 8 pm for much of the rest of the eastern U.P. for 2-6″ of new snow. There is also a Winter Weather Advisory for the western U.P. for 3-6″ of new snow. A second storm will likely bring a mix of precipitation to the U.P. and N. Lower Michigan Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Snowfall expected across N. Lower Michigan and Eastern Upper Michigan
Snow for Seattle?

It still looks like a Green Christmas for West Michigan, but it could be White Christmas in Seattle. The Seattle NWS says: “Over the 3-day period from Friday (12/24) night through Monday (12/27) morning, there is at least a 50% chance that the lowlands of western Washington will pick up +4″ of snow.” High temperatures from Saturday to Monday will likely only be in the low-mid 30s. The unofficial record for the most snow in one winter in Seattle is 64 inches in 1880. Snow drifted three to five feet at the waterfront. Most significantly, roofs collapsed throughout the city. Average season snowfall for Seattle is 6.3″.

Snowfall Oct. 1 – Dec. 19

Here’s snowfall so far this winter. We’re at 13.9″ now officially in G.R. Average-to-date is 20″. Snowfall is a little above average this winter in parts of N. Michigan. Alpena is 5″ above average snowfall for the winter and S. Ste. Marie is 8.8″ above average. There has been decent snowfall and snow-making weather in N. Michigan and in much of the Western U.S.

Severe Weather Outlook map for Dec. 21 – Tuesday

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible across the Florida Peninsula today. Isolated wind damage is the primary threat, with a random tornado possible.

ALSO: Chicago, IL is breaking its record for latest-first measurable snow (old record: 12/20). They have had a trace of snow five times this winter so far. Chicago has a new, gigantic dome for storing 60,000 tons of winter salt. You can see the 250 foot diameter dome from the air. Last winter, Chicago had above average snowfall. Cool sunset at Grand Haven. 105-degree temperature difference warmest to coldest in the U.S. on Monday: National High/Low temps for Monday December 20, 2021: 87° at 8 miles west of Miles City, FL; -18° at 11 miles north of Turner, MT. Ka-Boom! Snow in Idaho. The death toll from Super Typhoon Rai soars to 375 in Philippines. Very rare snow in Alexandria, Egypt. No thank you. Pretty pic. of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. A video from INSIDE the gym, as the roof of the Siargao Sports Complex collapsed. Security video of bank – watch the doors get blown open from the Mayfield Tornado. Heavy snow in the West – more to come.

Pic. of the St. Augustine volcano in Alaska
At around 20:30 UTC on 19th Dec, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai #volcano on Tonga erupted, making a volcanic cloud almost 16km high.

Looks like a small tornado.

Eastern U.S. satellite picture at night with light from full moon

Interesting pic. First thing I focused on was the rather bright light coming from Key West, Florida…must be Jimmy Buffet’s having a party. You can pick out Gr. Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing and South Bend.