April was a cool, wet and very cloudy month in West Michigan. The average temperature for the month in Grand Rapids was 4° cooler than average. Twenty-two of 30 days were colder than average. We had 13 mornings when the temperature was 32° or colder and only two days when we reached 70°,

April 2022 Rainfall

Rainfall topped 5″ in Grand Rapids, Holland and Battle Creek, with Muskegon nearly reaching 5″. Kalamazoo had less rain, but was still above average for the month. There were 16 days with measurable precipitation and another four days with a trace of rain. So, only 10 of 30 days were dry. While we had only 0.4″ of snow, we did have snow flurries on 8 days during the month.

April Weather Statistics
Sunshine table from Bill Marino at the G.R. NWS

Here’s a record of the average sunshine for each month in G.R. and the record cloudiest and sunniest months. Rounded to the nearest percent, April 2022 tied 1980 for cloudiest April ever.

Summary of April 2022 weather in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon and Kalamazoo

I will add one more time…cool weather in early Spring has some positives. The blossoms aren’t out yet on the fruit trees (apricots are the first fruit to get blossoms) and I’m optimistic that we’ll be eating a lot of Honeycrisps, Galas and those yummy Michigan cherries and peaches. Also the severe weather often stays mostly south of Michigan when it’s cool here in April:

Severe Thunderstorm Watches So Far in 2022

Here’s severe thunderstorm watches so far in 2022. One inconsequential watch barely included several counties (St. Joseph, Branch, Hillsdale, Lenawee) and so far, that has been it.

We’ve had no tornadoes in Michigan so far this year. We had 18 of them last year in Michigan. This map will be updated to include the 20 tornadoes on 4/29 and the 5 from 4/30, including the small twister at Oak Brook IL.

LINK: to the absolutely amazing drone video of the Andover KS tornado.

Happy Month of May!