Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy Reaches 82°

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The surface water temperature briefly reached 82 degrees at the South Lake Michigan Buoy this (Mon.) afternoon.  This is one of the highest water temperatures I’ve ever seen at mid-lake.  Here’s the record of water temps. at the buoy this PM:

Usually, the surface water temperature doesn’t change much during the day, but today the temp. climbed from 75.7° at 9:50 am to 82.0° at 2:50 pm.  The reason was full sunshine, plus a very light wind.  You can see the wind was just 1.9 knots (about 2 mph) from 11:50 am to 3:50 pm when the sun was highest and sending us the hottest rays of the day.  The higher wind speed tomorrow should send the temp. back into the mid 70s.  Lake Michigan is often at its warmest (overall) in early-mid August. 


The same scenario today on the inland lakes.  This is Reed’s Lake in East Grand Rapids.  The water temperature peaked at 86° this afternoon.  The average wind speed from midnight to 5 pm in Grand Rapids was just 2.6 mph today (Mon.). 

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