May was the 2nd driest in G.R. history (which goes back into the late 1800s). We had just 0.84″ of rainfall. That was 3.16″ below average or only 21% of average rainfall. (Pic. is sunrise May 29 2023 in downtown Holland.

Other monthly rainfall totals: Saginaw 0.80″ (3rd driest), Muskegon 0.86″ (5th driest), Detroit 0.92″ (5th driest) Lansing 0.96″ (5th driest), Holland 1.03″, Kalamazoo 1.85″, Marquette 4.46″ (they got a lot of snow in the first few days of the month).

The average temperature (Gr. Rapids) for May was 58.9° and that was 3/10ths of a degree cooler than average.

We had an average amount of sunshine during the month (58% – average is 57%).

The average wind speed for the month was 7.7 mph. The average wind speed for the last 6 days of the month was just 4.8 mph. A typical modern turbine will generate electricity when wind speeds reach six to nine miles per hour (mph), known as the cut-in speed. Below this speed, the wind turbine will be idle, or spinning slowly, but not generating electricity. “Free‐wheeling” occurs as the winds are coming up to speed and the turbine will go into “free‐wheeling” before it spins up to speed and goes into “production”. “Free‐wheeling” also occurs when the winds subside and we lose production.
Average high and low temperatures for the month of June.