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A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for much of West Michigan Tuesday afternoon. Thunderstorms formed in S. Wisconsin and N. Illnois and crossed the lake into West Michigan. Here’s a look at some peak wind gusts:

Peak Wind Gusts Tuesday PM

Wind gusts included 58 mph at Belmont Harbor in Chicago, 56 mph at Navy Pier and at the Chicago Water Intake. A buoy at Stevensville (Berrien Co.) recorded a gust to 58 mph. Constantine reached 54 mph and gusts of 43 mph occurred at the airports in Holland and in Lansing. There were several reports of hail in the Chicago area. Around 3,000 customers lost power in S. Michigan and N. Indiana.

Parts of West Michigan had not seen any lightning in 3 weeks – pretty unusual for June considering we’ve had a lot of rain. So far in June, G.R. has had 4.35″ of rain, 1.18″ above average. Oshtemo has had well over 7″ of rain this month. June is running nearly 3 degrees cooler than average. The daily mean temperature was above average on Tuesday in G.R. for the first time since June 8th. From June 9 to June 24, Grand Rapids has had just 35% of possible sunshine. The average for June is 63%.

1″ diameter hail fell Monday PM at Middleton and Racine, Wisconsin. 3/4″ hail was reported in Wisconsin at Shorewood Hills, Mt. Horeb, North Bay and Como. Small hail fell in Illinois at Arlington Heights, Barlett, Schaumburg, St. Charles and Marsailles. There was a 57 mph wind gust at Wonder Lake, northwest of Chicago. The fastest gust I saw in MI was 38 mph at the S. Haven Beach.

Tuesday was 6/25 – six months to Christmas Day.

Here’s storm reports from Saturday. There were 3 small non-consequential tornadoes, two in KS and one in TX. There were lots (282) wind damage reports, mostly trees down. There was a swath of damage from Texas to Missouri and another from across the SE from Tennessee to the Atlantic Ocean.

Storm Reports from Friday 6 21 19

Here’s storm reports from Friday. No tornadoes but a mesoscale complex (might qualify as a derecho) moved from the Plains to the Atlantic. Much of Tennessee and S. Carolina had damaging winds. My mother and sister had a big storm where they are down in Oak Ridge TN.

We’re still enjoying the longest days of the year. Sunrise Sunday was at 6:04 am and the sunset is at 9:25 pm (that’s for downtown Gr. Rapids). Note the sun rises in the ENE and sets in the WSW. There is a longer twilight near the Summer Solstice than in the winter, when it gets dark in the evening more quickly.

Barrow ( Utqiaġvik ) Alaska webcam at 1:39 am Sun

This is the Barrow (Utqiaġvik), Alaska webcam at 1:39 am local time Sunday. This is the northernmost tip of Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle, where there is 24-hour daylight in early summer. The sun won’t set again here until August 2. Note there is now open water near shore, but you can see the ice not too far offshore. Barrow soared to a high temp. of 73° last Wed. That was the first time they had been above 50° this year. There are many years when they don’t reach 73° during the entire summer, so definitely worth noting.

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