You’ve probably heard about the lunar eclipse tonight (Sunday night). Unfortunately, it looks like odds favor overcast conditions over much of West Michigan. Totality is 11:29 pm to 12:54 am EDT. I checked the NAM, GFS and European models (computer models that help us to forecast the weather) and all three models favor overcast conditions tonight thru 5 am.

There will be an area of rain crossing much of Southern Lower Michigan. The farther SE you are, the more rain you are likely to see. The European model gives 0.29″ to Battle Creek tonight, just 0.05″ to Grand Rapids and mainly just sprinkles northwest of Kent County

Lunar Eclipse viewing online

You can see the eclipse online. NASA has 8 livestreams set up from Europe and the U.S. At least several of these sites are expected to have clear skies, so…come back to this thread my blog this evening to click on the different links.

Watch here or on Facebook | YouTube | NASA Television |

More Live Views of the Eclipse

Enjoy the following live streams from observers around the globe.​

The entire eclipse will last a total of five hours and 19 minutes, although the part that will be most noticeable will be totality. That will begin at 11:29 p.m., peaking at 12:11 a.m. and ending at 12:54 a.m.

Ellen has a nice write up on the eclipse here.