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The map above shows U.S. snowcover for Tues. AM (11 13 18).  The contiguous 48-states had a 29.4% snow cover.  This is the second highest extent for the date for the records I have going back to 2003.  Only 2012 had more snow on the ground on Nov. 13th. 

Here’s North American snow and ice extent.  Note that there is a lot of snow across Canada.  Ice is building on the west shore of Hudson Bay (where the water would be calmer than on the east side).  The ice buildup there is about a week ahead of last year.  You can also see snow on the ground all the way down to the Texas Panhandle.  There was even thundersnow in Amarillo

Here’s a map showing today’s snow cover over Asia.  At the end of October, the Rutgers Univ. Snow Lab reported that snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere was at the 14th greatest extent in the 51 years of record. 

This is snow cover anomaly by year for the Northern Hemisphere.  Note that snow cover has been increasing since the early 1980s.  Part of this is likely due to better reporting and better satellite coverage in recent years, but observational data shows an increasing trend.  

The map above is also from the Rutgers Univ. Snow Lab and shows in blue areas with more snow than average for 11/13 and in yellow, less snow than average. 

This is a pic. from our Kalamazoo skycam late morning 11/13,  You can see the snow on the ground and still some brown leaves on the trees in Bronson Park. 

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