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Above is the map of Severe Weather Reports for Friday 4/19/19.  As I write this, they are up to 504 reports from Florida north to Pennsylvania.  There were 17 tornadoes…most look like relatively small EF0 and EF1 twisters.  The big story was the large swath of wind damage that occurred from Central Florida up the coast to the Mid-Atlantic.  Two injuries were reported at Sydnorsville VA.  As I write this, there are still more than 55,000 customers without power.  

We didn’t get severe weather, but we got some rain:

We’re up to 3.13″ of rain for the month in G.R.  That’s 1.01″ above average-to-date and we’re up to 11.69″ for the year in G.R. and that’s 3.32″ above average-to-date.

Here’s severe reports from Thursday.  A significant swath of wind damage (and 7 tornadoes) from E. Louisiana into Alabama.  There were 2 fatalities and 2 other injuries.

There was a lot of severe weather across the South last weekend..  There were at least 9 storm fatalities and nearly two dozen injuries from the storms.  As predicted, there were no severe t-storm reports on Tuesday (4 16 19)

Below are the severe reports from Saturday 4/13/19:

 There were at least three fatalities in Texas (9 total across the south) and at least 22 injured in 11 of the tornadoes.  There were 11 reports of tornadoes and 107 severe reports. 

Here’s storm reports from Sunday – 400 of them in 13 states from Florida north to OH – PA – NY.  There was one small tornado in N. Ohio and 371 reports of wind damage. 

I’ve said many times, this is the time of year when you shouldn’t be upset to stay on the cold side of these storms.  The severe weather generally stays south of Michigan and the blossoms don’t come out too soon (with the risk of a killing frost).  The pattern remains a stormy one and we’ll be tracking more significant storm systems across the Central and Eastern U.S. in the next few weeks. 

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