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This is the 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for August 21 – 27. No sign that summer weather is easing back. We’re likely to be warmer than average through mid-late August.

NAEFS model 8-14 day forecast temperatures for August 21 – 27

This is the Canadian NAEFS model forecast for the same period, August 21 – 27. The model also is forecasting warmer than average temperatures for Michigan. After starting 2019 with 6 consecutive months of cloudier and cooler than average weather, August will likely be the 2nd month in a row with warmer than average temperatures.

Just after sunset at the Muskegon Channel 8 13 19

Here’s a look at the Muskegon Channel just after sunset, with the last couple boats heading for the marina. So far this month of August is running 1.3° warmer than average in Gr. Rapids. Grand Rapids has now had 15 days in a row with high temperatures in the 80s. We’ve had only 0.39″ of rain in G.R. this month and that’s 1.13″ below average. Sunshine has totaled an impressive 77% and the average wind speed has been just 5.9 mph.

South Haven Tuesday afternoon

This is the South Haven Channel Tue. PM. Over the 24 hours of Tuesday, the temperature varied by only 5° at the S. Haven Channel – from a high of 76 to a low of 71. The water temperature was up to 75° at S. Haven Tue. PM.

Thunder Bay Island on Tue. 8/13/19

This is Thunder Bay Island near Alpena in Lake Huron Tue. AM. Here on the island between 7 am and 11 pm, the temperature only varied by 3.4°, from a high of 69.8° to a low of 66.4°.

Hazy Chicago Tues. PM

Same story at the Chicago Water Intake. Between 5 am and 5 pm, the temperature varied by less than one degree – from a low of 71.4° to a high of 72.3°. Here at the water intake, the water temp. was 67°, while at the shoreline, the Chicago Shore Yacht Club had a water temp. of 80°.

The U.S. high temperature on Tue. was 119° at Death Valley CA and the low temperature was 24° at Peter Sinks UT.

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