Lake Michigan Makes a Difference

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The above pic. from the Muskegon GLERL lakeshore camera taken at 4:50 pm shows the Lake Express Ferry heading across the lake to Milwaukee.

High Temperatures Wednesday

Here’s high temps. from Wed. Grand Rapids (Ford Airport) was the warmest – with 66°. Inland areas were all in the low-mid 60s. West onshore breezes kept it cooler at the lake. Airports at the lakeshore (plotted on the map above) had high temperatures in the 50s. Right at the lake, the high temperature was just 49° at Holland St. Park and at the South Haven Lighthouse. The Muskegon GLERL weather station at the Muskegon Channel had a high temp of 50°.

In Illinois, the high temperature was 55° in downtown Chicago, but a warmer 62° inland at O’Hare Airport.

Lake Michigan satellite picture Wed. 5 12 21

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Wed. PM. High pressure was located right over Lake Michigan. Onshore winds formed all around the lake. There was an east wind in Milwaukee, a west wind in West Michigan, a north wind in NW Indiana and a south wind west of the Mac. Bridge in the U.P. There are no clouds over the lake, where the water temperatures are mostly in the mid 40s. The cool air was stable and there were no rising air currents to create the cumulus clouds that you see over land in Wisconsin and Michigan. Note, there are no clouds withing about 10 miles of the lake, where the onshore breezes brought in cooler, stable air.

Lake Superior satellite picture 5 12 21

Here’s the Lake Superior satellite picture. Same story…cumulus over many land areas and clear skies over the lake and where the lake breezes penetrated inland. Munising by the water had a high temperature of 54°, while well inland, Iron Mt. reached 66°.

Lake Huron Satellite Picture 5 12 21 Wed.

Same story at Lake Huron…clear over the lake with some cumulus over the land.

Lake Erie Satellite Picture 5 12 21

Here’s the Lake Erie (and Lake St. Clair) satellite picture. You can see where the lake breeze kept Cleveland clear with partly cloudy conditions as you moved away from the lake.

Lake Ontario satellite picture 5 12 221

Lake Ontario was clear with cumulus clouds forming as the northwest wind moved inland and lost the lake cooling.

These cumulus clouds are about 7/8ths of a mile above the ground…made of up tiny water droplets that are too light to fall to the ground.. Being in a cloud is like being in fog. Fog is a cloud that forms near the ground.

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