The top pic. is from Paul Herman – He estimated 20″ of snow on the ground. He’s near Manistee Lake between Mancelona and Kalkaska. This was Monday afternoon and it’s snowed a bunch there since. Tue. AM, Hart reported 11.5″ of new snow with 18″ on the ground Wed. AM. Snowcover Wed. AM: 10″ Muskegon and Traverse City, 9″ Fremont, 7″ East Gr. Rapids, Grandville and Holland, 6″ Grand Rapids and Big Rapids, 5″ Hastings, Ionia, 4″ Lansing, Detroit.

Shiverin’ Snowman, it was cold this (Wed.) AM: -39 at Amasa in the U.P., -32 Stonington, -27 Wakefield and Champion. -24 at Atlanta was the coldest in Lower MI. Other lows: -23 Roscommon, -21 Leota, -16 Lake City, -15 Leslie, -11 Evart, -9 Big Rapids and Cadillac, +2 Grand Rapids, Lansing and Battle Creek, +10 at Holland and +11 at Muskegon (not quite as cold near Lake Michigan.

Advisories for NW Lower and E. Upper Michigan

Lake Michigan satellite picture from midday Wednesday. It’s sunny with snow on the ground in WI and N. Illinois. Lake-effect clouds form over the lake and move east into West Michigan, where we still have a few snow showers. Ice is now forming along the Lake Michigan shore off Chicago and much of the west shore of Lake Michigan.

Chicago midday 1 26 21

Here’s downtown Chicago from the water intake 2 3/4 miles east of the city. You can see the clear skies and the ice, which is not solid, it’s floating on the water. You couldn’t walk across it.

Great Lakes Satellite picture 1 25 22
Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse with icy Lake Huron in the background 1 25 22

Here’s current Michigan weather observations, a Michigan surface weather map and the latest Grand Rapids NWS forecast discussion.

East Coast Storm – Friday and Saturday – Blizzard Conditions P:ossible

ALSO: Wow – check out the heavy snow at Istanbul, Turkey. They had thundersnow in Athens, Greece. Video of the thundersnow. Very cold in Serbia, coldest morning in years. Snowstorm for Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. “Cold fronts are crashing into Northern Africa w/snow.” Sun pillar. Halo. On Jan. 22, Utquigvik, Alaska (used to be Barrow), experienced the sun’s rays for the first time since mid-November. Cleaning up the ash in Tonga. Record heat in W. Australia. Balloon launch. Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. Hurricane damage in Mozambique.

Great Lakes Ice Extent

Great Lakes ice extent is at 23.5%. Lake Michigan is at 20.6%, with much of the ice in Green Bay and from the Mackinac Bridge to Beaver Island. There is now some ice forming around the shore of the can see the ice growing on the western shore of the lake. Lake Erie has the highest extent at 44.9% and Lake Ontario the least at 9.0%.

Muskegon shore 1 26 22

Here’s the Muskegon Channel early Wed. PM – noticeably more ice than there was yesterday.