Five tornadoes have been confirmed by the Des Moines National Weather Service. The twisters hit the afternoon and evening of Wednesday July 14. One tornado was rated EF3 and the other four were rated EF1

The Lake City Tornado has been rated EF3 with winds of approx. 140 mph. Lake City, Iowa is around70 miles northwest of Des Moines. A Tornado Watch was issued for the area at 2:35 pm, giving residents around 1 1/2 hours of lead time to get in a safe place. The twister touched down at 3:54 pm and was on the ground for 22 minutes, moving along a 10-mile path. So, the tornado was moving around 28 mph. There were no fatalities or serious injuries. This is a good indication that people heeded the warning and found safe shelter during the storm.

Summary of the Stanhope to Jewell, Iowa Tornado

The Stanhope to Jewell, Iowa tornado has been given a rating of EF1 with winds up to 90 mph. It was on the ground for 13 minutes along a 4-mile path. So this tornado was moving at around 19 mph. Again, no fatalities or injuries.

Storm Survey of the Shell Rock Tornado

The Shell Rock tornado has been rated EF1 with peak winds of 95-105 mph. It was on the ground for 8 min. and covered 3 1/2 miles.

Storm Survey of the Waverly Tornado 7 14 21

The Waverly IA tornado has also been rated EF1 with winds of 95-105 mph. The damage path was around 1 mile and the tornado moved at approximately 25 mph.

Summary of the Dysart, Iowa Tornado of July 14, 2021

The Dysart IA tornado has been rated EF1 with 95-100 mph winds. The path length was a little over a mile.

Additional information on these tornadoes and any possible new tornado confirmations may be forthcoming. The storms that produced the tornadoes also produced strong winds and hail.