June Was Warm and Wet

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The ship Friends Good Will comes into the S. Haven Channel 6 30 21

June was warmer and wetter than average. Grand Rapids ended the month 2.0° warmer than average. Grand Rapids hit 90° exactly on June 11 and 12. The coolest temperature was 41° on June 22. That morning it was 32° in Baldwin and 27° at Leota. Grand Rapids had 18 days that were warmer than average, ten days that were cooler than average and two that were exactly average.

We had 8.49″ of rain in G.R. – that was 4.55″ above average (215% of average). We had 6.17″ in three days from the 22nd-24th. We had a stretch of 12 days from the 18th-29th with at least a trace of rain each day. Battle Creek ended the month with 13 consecutive days with at least a trace of rain. Ten of the 12 days had measurable rain. Kalamazoo totaled 10.66″ of rain for the month (7.46″ above average) and nearby Oshtemo had 10.81″ of rain in June. It was the wettest June ever at Kalamazoo and Oshtemo. Grand Rapids had 12 days in June when we could see lightning or hear thunder. May 1 was the only day in May that we saw lightning in Grand Rapids.

East Grand Rapids – Wed. evening June 30

Here’s a pretty summer scene – Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. The lake water temperature was up to 82 when we were sunny and warm back in the 2nd week of June – then fell back to the upper 60s in the cool air and the rain around the 23rd. The water temp. was 74° Wed. evening. There are usually sailboats out on the lake Wednesday evening.

Grand Rapids had an average wind speed of 8.0 mph in June and 59% of possible sunshine, a little below the average 63% of possible sunshine.

Also: The record heat has abated in part of the Pacific NW. Seattle had a high temp. of 74° on Wednesday (down from 108° on Monday) and Portland had a high of 79° on Wednesday. Seattle had 3 days in a row above 100° and will end the month about 4° warmer than average. The difference between the warmest day (108°) and the coolest day (55°) of 53° is the greatest difference between the warmest and coolest days of any month ever in Seattle. It remains very hot in SW Canada. It continued to be hot in the Interior Pacific NW.

A few severe thunderstorms possible today from Virginia to S. New Jersey.

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