June 10 – STILL some snow in Michigan

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Mt. Ripley two_1560206997038.JPG.jpg

It’s June 10th and there is still some snow in Michigan.  This is Mt. Ripley in Upper Michigan near Houghton.  It looks like a sand trap on a golf course, but it’s really snow.  It looks like this is the only pile that’s left here and it is shrinking.  It’s lasted longer than usual because of above average snowfall this past winter and a cool spring.  The period of Jan. 1 – May 31 was 4.2° colder than average at Marquette. 

Here’s another view of the snow pile.  There is another place that collects a lot of snow.  It’s north of Houghton and called the “Laurium Glacier”.  Here’s a couple pictures from June 1996.  It’s a place where a gigantic snowdrift occurs and snow lingers here late into spring.  Best as I can see from perusing the web…the last snow here disappeared on June 2 this year. 

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