It’s Been Cloudy…Really Cloudy

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The past year has been about as cloudy as it gets in West Michigan. June is going to be the 12th month in a row with below average sunshine in Grand Rapids. So far this month, we’ve had just 49% of possible sunshine. Average for the month is 61%. We had the 3rd cloudiest May ever, with 36% of possible sun (so about 2/3rds of the time it was cloudy). Average for May is 56% sunshine. Last November we had just 9% sunshine, compared to an average of 28%.

High Temperatures for the next 5 days

The high temperature of 62 on Sunday tied for the 3rd coolest high temperature ever on June 16 in Grand Rapids. We’ll be a little warmer today (up to 70), then into the mid 70s. While you might catch a very isolated shower or sprinkle…they will be few and far between through Tuesday.

Predicted Rainfall Monday-Tuesday from the Weather Prediction Center

Here’s expected rainfall for Monday/Tuesday from the Weather Prediction Center. Not much for Lower Michigan – much of the air gets nothing more than a couple sprinkles – but the heavy rain continues in the Ohio Valley. Cincinnati got 4″ of rain Sunday/Sunday night and there were many 1-3″ totals. Florida gets some welcome rain. Some of that precipitation in the higher levels of the Rockies is going to be snow.

Rainfall for next Saturday thru Sunday Night from the Weather Prediction Center

This is expected rainfall for next weekend – Saturday AM thru Sunday PM. As the warmer air starts to move a little north…so does the rain and thunderstorms. WPC has SW Michigan between 1.25″ and 1.5″ and even areas north of G.R. get 3/4″…so plan on a decent chance of showers and storms for next weekend. The European model takes G.R. to 87 degrees next Sunday. I’m not that high, but we’ll certainly be closer to the warm and muggy air.

This is the latest 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. For the first time in a long time, Lower Michigan is expected to have above average temperatures for the period June 24-30. I agree the heat is building north toward the southern Great Lakes and I’ll go one more step and say that right now it looks like a fairly warm early July.

Here’s the rainfall outlook to go along with it for June 24-30. As you might guess, with the warmer air coming north, so is the humidity and a good chance for showers and storms. I’ll go further and say that the warmer pattern should last into much of July…so we are going to have a summer and we will have to crank up the air conditioners.

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