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Grand Haven shortly after sunset on Wed. 6 9 21

The pic. above was from our Noto’s at the Bil-Mar camera, looking northwest toward the pier and lighthouse after sunset Wednesday evening. Check out this pic. from Steve Damstra of the shelf cloud moving east to west onto Lake Michigan.

Shower with rain shaft moving out over Lake Michigan

Movement of the showers and t-showers yesterday and today is from east to west. You don’t see that too often here in Michigan. This pic. shows a shower (there may have been a few rumbles of thunder, but not a lot of lightning with the showers this week).

Some of the Higher Rainfall Totals on Wednesday

Rainfall was quite variable over short distances. One side of Byron Center got drenched, the other side didn’t get much. The west side of Hudsonville has had 2-4″ of rain over the past two days. Bauer is in SW Ottawa Co. The Sparta total was on 10 Mile Road near Peach Ridge.

Rainfall Wednesday 6 9 21

Most areas received under 1/4″ of rain, many areas under 1/10″ of rain and some didn’t get a drop. There will probably be fewer showers/thundershowers over the next several days and with an overall dry pattern (it’ll be dry for much of next week), be grateful for the rain that you get.

Southern Lower Michigan Weather
High Temperatures Wednesday

Here’s high temps. from Wednesday – still no 90° this summer in G.R. G.R. has made 89° twice and we’ve been to 85° or higher 10 days out of the last 21 days. Kalamazoo and Battle Creek have reached 90° four of the last six days. Grand Rapids is now 6.5° warmer than average for the first 9 days of June.

Our sunrise is now at 6:03 am – the earliest sunrise of the year. Technically, if go down to seconds, the earliest sunrise is Monday June 14.

If you’re up early, you can see the partial solar eclipse. Right at sunrise, the moon will block about half the sun (in W. Michigan). The full annular eclipse is only visible in parts of NE Russia, N. Canada and NW Greenland. Here’s where you can watch it on Youtube: If you’re up around sunrise, you can catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse. About 40-50% of the sun will be covered by the moon at sunrise 6:03 am in Grand Rapids MI. You can watch it live here:

This is an Annular Solar Eclipse
Who can see the eclipse this AM.

There’s a group from Grand Rapids that drove to Paradise in the U.P. to see the eclipse, where it’s about 80% at sunrise.

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