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There are several good opportunities to see the International Space Station in the next week and an outside chance of seeing the Northern Lights Saturday night.

There is an awesome flyover of the Intl. Space Station Sunday evening, but it’ll probably be cloudy here.  Go to this link to get a printable list of times when the Space Station will be flying over your location. 

Update 11:33 pm Sun.  We have not seen the northern lights in West Michigan  There was an outside chance the Northern Lights may be visible Saturday night.  That proved not to be the case.  Much of West Michigan is closer to the Equator than the North Pole (hard to believe that with the winters we get) and we don’t see them too often.  When we do see them, it’s often a faint green glow on the northern horizon.  A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) came close to the Earth.   Keep an eye on the kp-index.  Here’s another link to the kp-index.  We need about a five before we see anything much down here in SW Michigan….a seven or higher gets skywatchers in W. Michigan excited.  You can sign up for aurora alerts here

Check out these aurora pics. from this weekend (23rd/24th) from Canada, Norway and Finland

Also, it’s Friday, as I write this, so there’s a new edition of Sky at a Glance.  Click the link and see where you can find the visible planets.  Venus is still shining brightly in the morning to the ESE just before sunrise.  The Big Dipper is high overhead in the evening while the lazy W (Cassiopeia) and Orion (the hunter) move closer to the horizon as we move toward April. 

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