Ice in Hudson Bay

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There is still a patch of ice along the south shore of Hudson Bay in Canada. The Northwest Passage remains blocked by ice (usually the case, year-round), but ships can enter the bay via the Atlantic and bring supplies to the few towns that are along the bay (like Churchill).

North American Snow and Ice – August 3 21

You can see a couple pixels of yellow in the bay on this wide view of the snow and ice in N. America. There is still a little snow on the high mountains of the Cascade Range up into British Columbia. There is no Northwest Passage to Alaska – ice blocks that route.

Mt. Rainier in Washington State August 4 2021

Here’s a view of Mt. Rainier in Washington State Wednesday AM (8/4). Still plenty of ice and snow on the mountain. August is a prime month for scaling the mountain…daylight is still long and there is less snow on the mountain and fewer storms to worry about.

Camp Schurman on Mount Rainier

This is Camp Schurman on Mt. Rainier. This shot is also from Wed. AM. We’re above 10,000 feet. Better have a warm sleeping bag if you want to pitch your tent here. It’s a slow and sometimes slippery climb to reach the top. This is the east side of the mountain, well lit by the sun at mid-morning. With the high sun, the high elevation and the reflection off the snow – bring your sunblock, it’s easy for exposed skin to get a sunburn here.

Camp Muir Aug. 4, 2021

This is Camp Muir, again above 10,000 feet. Snowpiles can remain here all summer. A good pair of hiking boots is a must. Temperatures fall below freezing here at night, even in August.

July 2021 – Rainbow pic. from Catherine Lacombe of the Canadian Coast Guard

We salute the U.S. Coast Guard in Grand Haven this week. We welcome those visiting from the Canadian Coast Guard. Here’s a pic. taken back in July by Catherine Lacombe of the CCGS Earl Gray. This was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia near Halifax.

P:icture from Catherine Licombe – showers at sunset Nova Scotia July 2021

Here’s another picture from Catherine Lacombe – showing showers in the distance at Dartmouth. Click here for more on the summer operations of the Canadian Coast Guard. You can hear an interesting podcast of a voyage to the Arctic.

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