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Ice Circle - Giant, rotating near Houghton Lake - Nichole Neinhuis_1543054984435.JPG.jpg

The picture above is a still from a video I received from Nichole Nienhuis.  She did not say when the video was taken, just that it was near Houghton Lake.  This is an ice circle.  On rare occasion, they form during the winter in rivers.  They are often pretty much perfect circles and the flowing water makes the ice rotate.

Check out this video from Karla Dahms from about 2 years ago (which may be the same circle from the video that Nichole sent me.  The video made it to the Weather Channel.  Here’s another video from the Pine River here in Michigan…one in N. Dakota and here’s an ice circle in Washington State.  Here’s more on ice circles.  Finally, some video of a spinning ice circle in Mongolia.  Found another one in MN

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