The first hurricane of the season has formed in the Eastern Pacific. We start with the letter “A” and Agatha is the first on the list of hurricane names for the eastern Pacific storms this year.

cone graphic
Agatha is quickly becoming a major hurricane (Category 3 and above) and will produce very strong winds and extremely heavy rain as it moves ashore in Oaxaca, Mexico. Significant flooding is likely as the storm moves inland and diminishes to a Tropical Depression.

Here’s a satellite loop, the Public Advisory on the storm, the Forecast Discussion, Mexican radar,

Atlantic Hurricane Names for 2022

There is an outside chance that Agatha will regenerate into a tropical storm once the remnants get into the Gulf of Mexico. If that happens, it will be given the name of Alex, the first name on the list for tropical storms in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico.

Forecast Rainfall over the next 7 days

Regardless of whether it can cross Mexico and become a tropical storm again, there will be a band of heavy rain that will move across the Gulf of Mexico and into southern Florida. The rainfall forecast shows 1/4 to 3/4″ of rain for West Michigan – that would come Tuesday night and again perhaps next Sunday or Monday. The map does show some much needed rain for E. New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma – and also for N. California. Much of Texas and the Desert Southwest will stay dry.