Tuesday was the hottest day we’ve had in several years in Grand Rapids with a high of 95°. It was 3 shy of the daily record of 98° set in the very hot and dry June of 1988. That month we had only 1/4″ of rain during that entire month, after receiving around 1″ of rain in May. We made 90° ten times that June.

The high of 97° in Kalamazoo was 3 shy of the daily record of 100° set in 1988. The high of 98 in Lansing on Tuesday tied the daily record of 98° in 1988. It was also the hottest day in Lansing since August 3, 2012.

The pic. above is sunset at the Alpine Athletic Field Tuesday evening. Shortly before this top picture, I grabbed this picture:

Shortly before sunset at the Alpine Athletic Field

Shortly before sunset, I got this pic. of the sun shining through a thunderstorm anvil. At the time, the storm was about 100 miles away from me, northwest of Milwaukee. The storms in Wisconsin dissipated as they reached Lake Michigan – the air was more stable over the lake and in West Michigan. Given that and the time of day, the storms faded away, but not before downing a few trees and power lines in Wisconsin near the towns of Darlington, Lac La Belle, Erin, Richfield and Oakfield.

Severe Weather Outlook Area for Wed. 6/22/22

Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Map for this Wednesday 6/22/22. The most interesting thing on this map is the Marginal Risk of a severe thunderstorm in south central California. SPC says:..”Southern California… An upper-level low will approach the middle California coast today. At the surface, a trough will deepen from southern California northward into the San Joaquin Valley. Warming surface temperatures will result in a pocket of instability near the surface trough early this afternoon. Thunderstorms that form within this pocket of instability could have a severe potential, due to the nearly dry adiabatic layer from the surface to 700 mb. The inverted-V thermodynamic profiles could be favorable for marginally severe wind gusts during the mid afternoon.”

Rain during June is rare in S. California and they’ll take what they can get – hopefully without the wind. Tuesday, there was a trace of rain at Needles, California – the first time rain had fallen there on any June 21. Records go back to 1888. San Francisco set a record high temperature of 98, while Thermal, California set a record low temperature of 58.

In the San Francisco Area – over 10,000 customers lost power, likely due to the heat.