A Wind Advisory was in effect this Saturday. The strong winds brought down tree limbs and caused numerous power outages. Lake Michigan still has some big waves. Stay off piers and breakwalls until things calm down.

Peak wind gusts thru 7 am include 64 mph at Midway Airport in Chicago…and also at Herbert IL northwest of Chicago, 56 mph at Aurora IL, 55 mph at Rosemont IL and 54 mph at DuPage and Rockford IL. At 7 am gusts were 40-45 mph along the Lake Michigan shore in W. Michigan.

Severe Weather Risk Area for Saturday

This was the Severe Weather Outlook Map for this Saturday shows a narrow Slight Risk from SW Ohio down thru Kentucky and Tennessee, NW Alabama and into E. Mississippi. A much larger Marginal Risk area runs from Ohio south to the Gulf of Mexico and east to the Atlantic. We got strong winds today, but not from thunderstorms.

Fall Precipitation – 126 year average

The map above shows the ranking of precipitation for the Fall Season. For the most part, the Lower 48 had near average precipitation. Wisconsin was the driest state relative to average. Washington State was the wettest relative to average with New York and South Dakota close behind.

Also: Dog wants his stick back! Severe flooding in Hawaii. Significant rain and high mountain snow in the West. Piedras Blancas Light Station in CA on a clear night. Florida sunset. Pic. of snow covered Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Beautiful snow in Utah. Heavy snow in Newfoundland. Beautiful snow in Vermont. Waterspout offshore of Italy. Another waterspout pic. Number of deaths from natural disasters by decade…it’s been decreasing. La Nina continues (in 2nd year now)…see the colder than average water off the coast of South America along the Equator. Swarm of earthquakes off Oregon. Snow in Utah. Brilliant Southern sunset. Today 8 December it was historic in Russia. The extreme daily temp. range was from -61.1C at Delyankir to +24.5C at Shatoy (Chechnya,600m asl). This 85.6C spread is the 2nd hugest known in any country after 20 January 1954. Snow in Massachusetts. No sunspots Thursday. Sunrise in Jamaica. Pic. of snow in Hawaii. 100 degrees below freezing. Very heavy snowfall. Halos and sundogs. The first week of December was the coldest in 84 years in Helsinki. Coldest December temps. in 60 years in Estonia. Freezing fog.