Heavy Rain, Strong Wind and Severe Weather from the Sunday/Monday Storm

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The above pic. is waves crashing over the pier at Michigan City, Indiana. The storm brought wind gusts as high as 61 mph at the Chicago Water Intake. The peak wave at the mid-Lake Michigan buoy was 10.2 feet and the peak wave at the Wilmette Beach was 13.5 feet at 9:15 am Sunday. I was at the Wilmette Beach late Saturday as the winds and waves were increasing…pretty impressive sight.

Saturday night we had thundershowers cross the Chicago area, a few producing hail. The storms occurred during the period of high winds from the storm system moving through. Just a block down from my brother’s house in Deerfield IL,, a tree fell across Deerfield Road.

Waves in South Haven Monday

Here’s a pic. of the waves coming up over the pier (breakwall or breakwater) at South Haven. The heaviest rainfall was in Illinois with the town of Carbon Hill reporting 4.68″. La Salle had 4.51″ and Oak Lawn recorded 4.31″. St. John, Indiana had 3.96″.

In Michigan, there was generally more rain south and very little to no rain north. Ludington had just a trace of rain and Houghton Lake 0.01″. Cedar Springs had 1.1″ and Belmont 1.3″ of rain.

Heavier rain totals included 3.11″ at Schoolcraft, 2,47″ at Hartford, 2.27″ at Battle Creek, 2.12″ at Marsnall, 2.10″ at Albion, 2.05″ at both Oshtemo and Lawton, 2.04″ at Benton Harbor, 2.02″ at Kalamazoo, 1.89″ at Cutlerville, 1.88″ at Jamestown, 1.85″ at Wyoming, 1.76″ at Belding, 1.73″ at Lansing, 1.63″ officially in Grand Rapids and 1.37″ at Cannonsburg.

Grand Rapids is up to 5.99″ of rain for the month of October. To date that’s 2.75″ above average. The low temp. of 31 deg. Saturday AM was the first frost/freeze of the season for Grand Rapids.

Storm Reports from Sat./Sat. night 10 24 21

Here’s storm reports from Sunday. We stayed in the cool air across MI, WI – the severe weather occurred across Missouri and central/southern Illinois. UIp to 17 tornadoes were reported (most all were small and short-lived) and there were 42 reports of wind damage from severe thunderstorms and 5 reports of severe criteria hail.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for 10/26/21

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Tuesday, Oct. 26. It could be another big severe weather day, with an Enhanced Outlook Area from Kansas down into Texas. SPC says: “…Scattered severe thunderstorms associated with large hail, wind damage and isolated tornadoes are expected…”

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