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California has been cookin’.  Up top – some record high temperatures from Monday.  Here’s some record high temperatures from Tuesday:

The San Francisco Airport broke their daily record by 10 degrees and the Oakland Airport broke their daily record by 16 degrees!  On Monday, San Francisco had their hottest June temperature ever at 100°.  Monterey had a high of 91° on Tue. – their previous record daily high temp. for June 11 was 78°. 

The most extreme record was at Eureka in NW California on the coast.  They soared to 85°.  The previous record high temperature for June 11 was 69°, so they broke their record high temperature by 16° At 4 pm local time, Thermal CA had a temperature of 116°, a relative humidity of 6% and the wind was calm.  The warmest place in the U.S. was Death Valley CA with a high of 118°.  Death Valley had a low temperature of 84° – if you add the high and low and divide by 2, you get a mean (average temp.) for the day of 101°  The ocean breeze kicked in at San Diego, where the high temperature was a much more comfortable 73°.

Here’s high temperatures from Tuesday.  The heat was also on in the Pacific NW with high temperatures of 87° at Seattle WA and 97 at Portland OR.  Quillayute, on the Washington Coast reached 91° after an early morning low temperature of 49°.  It’s very seldom it gets that hot there on the coast and very unusual to see a 42° diurnal temperature rise.  The warmest temperature all last year at Quillayute was 86° and there were only 3 days that got warmer than 80°.

It was cool in Michigan Tue. AM:  33° at Doe Lake, 34° at Leota and Roscommon, 35° at Kenton, 36° at Wakefield and Rudyard, 37° at Ironwood, 38° at W. Branch, 39° at Manistee, Baldwin and Pellston and 40° at Houghton Lake. 

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