It’s the last day of our trip. Today we fly home. We both fly to Minneapolis. Then I hop a direct flight to Grand Rapids. Michelle goes south to her home in Birmingham via Charlotte. There are only 5 gates here at the Fargo Airport and only 8 departures on the monitor. There is no one in the gate area except us and airport employees. Sunny, breezy and cold here. In West Michigan the last of the showers will move out. Travel conditions look good for much of the country for most of the holiday weekend. (Pic is me pointing at the radar in the Fargo Airport this AM)

Here’s a pic. of the Fargo Airport this AM. ‘This is a relatively small airport…looks like just 5 games, though they will double that soon. When we arrived, we were the only non-employees in the gate area.

At 10 am local time, it’s a chilly 30 degrees in Fargo with a northwest wind at 17 mph and wind chill factor of 17. Back in Michigan, it’s 37 with a little light rain in Grand Rapids and 44 degrees in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Roads are damp to wet.

Update: Early Tues. PM – landed in Minneapolis. Solid overcast here compared to the sunshine back in Fargo. There were two layers of clouds, so while we were coming down to land, we had both an overcast and an undercast. (I took the pic. above out the airplane window.

On the left side of the pic., you can see the sun reflecting off the water. This is on the flight from Fargo to Minneapolis. Minnesota really is the land of 10,000 lakes. In the distance you can see a couple of old jet contrails.