Hazardous Swimming Threat Ends

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Strong N-NW winds (15-25 knots) created dangerous currents on the north side of Lake Michigan breakwaters.  Red flags were up for no swimming.  On days like this, do not swim near or jump off the north side of the breakwaters.  This would especially include the swimming area on the north side of the breakwater at Pentwater, Holland St. Park…and the north beach (north side of the channel) at Ferrysburg and South Haven.  This was the South Haven Beach Tue. evening with the waves crashing over the breakwater:

 Waves at the S. Haven buoy increased from 0.7 feet at 1 pm to 3.0 feet at 2:10 pm to 6.9 feet at 7:20 pm.  The peak wind gust here at the S. Haven beach was 40 mph.  The lake level is 15″ higher than average, so waves are more likely to crash over the breakwaters, so walking on the piers and breakwaters can be dangerous.  The wind and waves have subsided some, but yellow or red flags will still be out this Weds. AM.

Note:  We call them “piers” but the piers in West Michigan are “breakwaters”.  A pier allows water to flow underneath them.  A breakwater stops the water and does not allow water to flow underneath them.  Breakwaters are built to stop sand from filling in the river channels. 

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