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I was looking thru the GLERL pictures from the Great Lakes beaches Monday and I happened to notice green water at South Haven.  The pictures are from the Lighthouse on the south breakwater (pier).  The first picture up top is looking north-northwest.  You can see the green water beyond the north breakwater (pier).

Here’s a picture looking north-northeast taken at the same time, around 2:03 pm.  You can see the greenish tint to the water beyond the breakwater.

Finally, here’s a picture looking east back up the chanel.  You can see greenish water in the upper left north of the north breakwater and to the south of the south breakwater. 

I can’t say for sure what caused the water to look green.  We do have algae blooms on the Great Lakes that can turn the water green.  These are more common on Lake Erie, which is usually the warmest of the Great Lakes in the summer.  Check out this story that Ellen Bacca did on algae blooms (Ellen – did your photojournalist really put the camera down a sewer (storm drain))   The water coming out the channel is warmer than the lake water.  The channel water is probably mid-upper 70s and the beach temp. at S. Haven was 66 (most Lake Michigan water temps. were in the 50s on Monday) – a little cool for an algae bloom.  It has also been mostly cloudy for 4 days.  However, we have had a warm and fairly sunny summer.  The picture was also taken at 2:03 pm – close to solar noon – so the light shining on the water and coming back to the camera might make the water look greener than it actually was.  If you want to share any thoughts on this or any other blog article..I’m at

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