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Great Lakes Water Levels continue to be well above average, ice extent is shrinking and in Great Lakes News…the Soo Locks have opened.  The top pic. is Chicago from the Harrison/Dever Crib (water intake), which is about 2.75 miles east of downtown.  This was Monday a bright clear day across all the Great Lakes with high pressure in control. 

This is the South Haven Channel on Monday 3/25.  Can you see the bird?  Note the ice on the breakwater and to the left (north) of the channel.  The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron was up 1″ in the last month and up 4″ year-to-year.  It’s now 22″ above the average level for the end of March and just 10″ below the record high March level in 1986.  Lake Superior is unchanged in the last month, up one inch in the last year and is now 13″ above the average March level.  It’s just 2″ below the record March water level of 1986.  Lake Erie is also up 1″ in the last month, unchanged in the last year and is still 23″ above the March record high level.  It’s 8″ below the highest March level also set in 1986.  Lake Ontario is down 2″ in the last month, unchanged in the last year and is now 11″ above the average March level. 

A group of local dignitaries came to watch the Stewart J. Cort move through the locks Monday the first of the season.  The Cort was headed toward Duluth, through a path cleared through the ice by Coast Guard icebreakers. 

All the rivers that connect the Great Lakes have above average flow and that will continue through the summer. 

Great Lakes ice extent has been shrinking, down to 25.8% Monday PM.

Strong northeast winds brought big waves to Michigan City, Indiana on Monday.  You can see the waves crashing over the breakwater.  The peak gust here on Monday was 39 mph.

Many rivers in the Great Lakes area have higher flow than average.  The Grand River at Grand Rapids has a flow of 10,600 cubic feet per second (compared to an average flow of 6,640 cfs).  The Muskegon River is at 4,910 cfs compared to an average of 2,880 cfs and the Kalamazoo River at New Richmond is at 3,070 cfs compared to 2,880 cfs

Great Lakes News:  More wolves coming to Isle RoyaleThousands of dead fishIce shards on Lake MichiganHuron island protectedHigh water levels causing erosion.  I laughed at this...climate refugees are those who leave cold places and go to Florida and other warm places!  They’re not standing in line to spend winter in Duluth!  How salmon were introduced into the Great LakesFewer young people fishing (note my youngest daughter is a master angler).  Meteotsunamis cause rip currents (fortunately, these usually occur with thunderstorms when fewer people are in the water).  Millions of gallons of sewage dumped into the river.  Cruising the Great LakesHundreds line up to see underwater crucifix40 fishermen rescued when ice floe breaks away from shore.  Important sentence:  in 2017 he actually added a water and sewer tax to to replenish the municipal pensionsSpeedskater on Lake MichiganEerie remains of shipwreckBird-friendly buildings. Frozen cottages.  A cold hobby

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