Top picture is a satellite view of Lake Ontario Weds. PM (3/20/19).  This was the only Great Lake that was clear to view.  Most of the deep Finger Lakes have open water.  Shallower Onieda Lake southeast of Lake Ontario is frozen over.  

Great Lakes ice extent is now down to 38%, much of that is in Lake Superior.  There is a little ice on the east shore of Lake Michigan, but the vast majority of Lake Michigan’s ice is in Green Bay and from Traverse City north to the Mac. Bridge.  Great Lakes ice peaked at 81.9% on Mar. 9.  Due largely to wind breaking up ice, extent dropped to 37.6% by Mar. 17.

Here’s a record of ice on the Great Lakes by week.  We had 9 weeks when ice extent was above average for that week – 7 weeks when it was substantially above average. 

This is a picture of the ice at South Haven early Wed. AM. 

This is the same shot in the evening…look how much ice is gone…pushed out of the channel – moving away from shore and breaking up.