Great Lakes Gaining Ice Cover

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The picture above is a satellite pic. from 1/20 (Sun.).  It shows rapid cloud development with cold, Arctic air coming over the relatively warmer waters of Lake Superior.  You can see the white frozen lakes and a landscape covered extensively in light snow across Ontario, Canada and the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin on.  The land is darker where there is pine forest than when it is snow-covered fields. While ice is forming rapidly (relatively speaking) in this cold pattern, much of the Great Lakes is open water. The cloud patterns are known as “cloud streets” and are formed when cold, (usually) dry air blows across warmer, moister water. The dry air picks up water vapor and the warm air rises. The water vapor freezes into ice crystals as it rises into the frigid air layers, forming clouds.  You can see rows oriented NNE to SSW becausee the surface wind was from the NNE.  As I write this at 3 am, the temperature is well below zero F north of Lake Superior.  At 3 am today (Fri.), the temperature is -11 at Marathon on the north shore of Lake Superior and +9 at Munising MI on the south shore of Lake Superior.  Munising has a northwest wind at 20 mph and a wind chill of -10. 

The GFS model keeps Grand Rapids below +10° for 62 straight hours next week! Coldest is -11 at 6z (1 am) on 1/30. Wind chill goes to -33°. 850mb thickness to 478. Anyone want to buy some lake-effect snow?

New snow:  4.9″ officially in G.R. Thursday, season total as of midnight now 29.9″.  Kalamazoo reports 4.5″ with a season total of 35.9″.  Muskegon had 1.5″ Thursday – season total up to 30.5″.  Here’s the latest G.R. NWS forecast discussion.  4 am EDT – wind chill is -50 at Ely, Minnesota. 

Also:  Tornado in Turkey yesterday – 2 fatalities and +12 injured.  Look at the snow near the Spain/France border.  Waterspout off GreeceBlizzard in Romania.  “Green energy blues“.  Heavy snow in AndorraHeavy snow in Bosnia.  85 deg. at Marathon FL on Thu. – cooler there today (Fri.).  10-meter high snow drift...that’s nearly 33 FEET!  High winds in Argentina thunderstormFlood in Brazil – guy loses his motorcycle.  Landslide in SpainDebris!  Two ferries collide in Sardinia.  Wow!  more video of the tornado in TurkeyMore tornado videoHuge wavesDozens of vehicles flooded in ArgentinaEnd of the total Lunar eclipse on Fichtelberg mountain, Germany   Spinning cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea.  Plow flipped upside-downHeavy snow in Finland.  “Snowing handkerchiefs”  Doesn’t this look like an eye. 

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