Tornadoes and huge hail pelted Central Texas on Tuesday, leaving 23 injured, including one still in critical condition. Hail was measured up to 5.5″ in diameter at Salado, Texas. There were 4 tornadoes in Texas, including one in Bell County that destroyed a church, uprooted trees and knocked down utility poles.

Large Hail near Salado, Texas

Here’s another picture of the hail compared to a plastic Easter egg. As I write this around 7 am Wed., there have been 179 reports of severe criteria hail in 7 states stretching from Wisconsin to Texas. There were 14 reports of hail 2″ in diameter or greater.

Tornado near Jarrell, Texas (from Ron Clark)

Here’s a pic. of one of the Texas tornadoes taken near the town of Jarrell. I don’t know what’s going on at the house with the port-a-potty in the front yard. You can see the road has been patched, so it’s not a new subdivision, but it could be a new house – looks like new windows. That long pile of white isn’t a leftover snow bank.

Jarrell, Texas was hit by a monster EF5 tornado in 1997 that killed 27 people. It was unusual in that it moved pretty much north to south. Most tornadoes move southwest to northeast.

Storm Reports from Tuesday 4 12 22

Here’s severe storm reports from Tuesday (4/12). Note the arc of severe thunderstorms from near Green Bay, Wisconsin to south central Kansas. As of 2:05 am Wed. 4/13, there were 237 reports of severe weather, including 8 tornadoes, 172 reports of severe criteria hail and 57 reports of wind damage, including a 75 mph gust at Woolstock, Iowa.