Here’s some pics from Friday PM of the snow:

Moderate to heavy snow along I-69 near Coldwater around 4:08 pm
US 131 west of Portage – heavy snow falling at Kalamazoo and Battle Creek
I-94 near Benton Harbor around 4:15 pm

Snowfall reports: 9″ at Jackson, 8.8″ at Sandstone (near Jackson), 7.2″ at Howell, 7.1″ at Tecumseh, 7.0″ at Richland, Haslett and Eaton Rapids, 6.8″ near Battle Creek, 6.5″ at Lansing (a record snowfall for Mar. 3) and Mottville, 6.3″ at Walled Lake, 6.0″ at Novi (in 5.5 hours) and at Haslett, 5.8″ at Troy and Milford, 5.5″ at Lapeer and Diamondale, 5.0″ at Portage and Ann Arbor, 4.5″ Brownlee Park and Hastings, 4.0″ at Dewitt, 3.0″ Decatur, 2.9″ Martin, 2.0″ Grand Rapids (Ford Airport) 1.5″ St. Johns, 2.0″.

Season Snowfall Update: Grand Rapids 88.8″ (+19.6″), Lansing 48.4″ (+4.9″). Muskegon 47.0″ (-32.3″), Green Bay WI 48.1″ (+4.2″), S. Ste. Marie 134.7″ (+33.9″), Marquette 179.5″ (+26.4″).

There were a few reports of thunder and lightning from Kalamazoo east to Detroit. We saw one flash near Hastings.

This was a wet, heavy snow rather than dry and powdery, so be careful shoveling snow…don’t overdo it.


Mainly dry and a touch milder over the weekend. Snow will start to melt

More radars:


Southwest – another storm moving through the Southwest. It’s not impossible that there could be a snowflake in Phoenix AZ. It’s cool out there.


Southeast – Watch for severe thunderstorms from Texas to Mississippi this afternoon