Four Days in a Row above 60°.

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We had 4 consecutive days with high temps. above 60°.  From Saturday – Tuesday we had highs of 65-74-67-62 in G.R.  So far the month of April is running 4.1° warmer than average.  It’s been on the windy side, the average wind (all 24 hours) has been 11 mph.  G.R. has only had 0.31″ of rain this month, only a third of average through the first 9 days. 

The Warmest Day was Sunday – here’s high temps. Sunday:  74 Grand Rapids and Holland (airport), 73 Marshall and Muskegon (airport), 72 Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, Ionia and Lansing, 71 Coldwater, Fremont, Kalamazoo, Mt. Pleasant, Traverse City and Jackson, 68 Big Rapids and Ludington, 46 Beaver Island, 38 Mackinac Is., 34 Isle Royale. 

At the Muskegon Beach, the high temp. Sunday was 62.4 at 11 am – then the wind turned to come off the lake and the temp. dropped into the 50s. 

At the S. Haven Beach the temperature Sundasy at 2 pm was 68.4° with an east-southeast wind off the warm land.  Then the wind went west off Lake Michigan and the temperature was down to 50.5° by 3 pm.  Pic. is the S. Haven Channel Sunday PM – lots of people fishing…on the beach side more than the channel side…two boats in the channel. 

Here’s high temps. from Sat:  68 Jackson and Sturgis, 67 Kalamazoo, Marshall, S. Haven (airport), Three Rivers, Coldwater and Benton Harbor, 66 Lansing, Battle Creek and Charlotte, 65 Grand Rapids, 64 Muskegon (airport) Ionia, Alma, 63 Mt. Pleasant and Fremont, 61 Big Rapids, 59 Cadillac, 55 Manistee, 51 Traverse City, 39 Newberry (in the U.P.).  The high of 65 in G.R. was 11 deg. warmer than the average high for the date of 54, but well below the record high which was 81 in 1921 and 1991.

The pic. above is from the Muskegon Channel.  The high temp. there was 57° at 8 pm when the wind went east off the warmer land.  At 3 pm, the temp. was 42° with a wind coming from off the cold water of Lake Michigan. 

EARLIER:  The models that were forecasting significant snow on Thursday have pulled back…The Sun. European still has 1-2″ and the overnight GFS would have about 2″ Weds. evening, which would melt on Thurs.  Stay tuned for later updates.  Today (Sun.) could very well be the warmest day in the next 14 days.  Shower move east.  This Monday will be cloudy early and sunny late.  With a west wind, there will be a 15-degree temperature difference between the US 131 corridor (60s) and the immediate lakeshore (40s) Here’s current radar:

Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar loop from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings
and regional radar:

Central Great Lakes sector
Hi to everyone that I saw at the Pet Expo Sat. and Sun.  Thanks to all who those who work to provide happy forever homes to dogs, cats and other pets in West Michigan. 
Also:  Flooding pics. from Nebraska…some record flooding after the coldest Feb.-March ever.  Town had 12-year supply of toilet paper.  Severe storm damage near Houston. 

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