My snowdrops are blooming! They’re the first flower of spring at my place. They’ll sometimes come right up through the snow. I planted a dozen of them a couple decades ago and now I have well over 100. If the weather remains cool, they can last for nearly a month.

Here’s another view of the snowdrops with some snow nearby. We haven’t been warmer than 48° since Christmas. January was 4.6° colder than average and February was 2.0° colder than average…and still, these happy little flowers can flourish.

The warmest air of 2022 is on the way for the weekend. The overnight run of the GFSX gives Grand Rapids a high of 59° on Sunday and we may have a chance of a thunderstorm over the weekend.

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday. A Risk Area is outlined for much of Iowa and N. Missouri. SPC says: “…the favorable synoptic setup should favor at least a few severe storms. Forecast soundings show steep low-level lapse rates behind the dryline/front, with very strong wind speeds in the mixed layer which suggests at least damaging wind potential.

Here’s radar – we do have a chance of a period of light rain, light snow or a mix today…but very light amounts, less than 1/10th of an inch.

Graphic from the Gaylord NWS shows the area that should see some light snow today.

The Grand River is now well below flood stage in Comstock Park and Robinson Township and will continue to fall the rest of this week.

Here’s a summary of February weather. In Grand Rapids, it was colder, wetter and snowier than average. It was also a windy month, with the average wind speed at 12 mph. Precipitation was the 6th highest for any February (and records go back into the late 1880’s)

By the way, my cat is 15 feet away from me and I can hear her snoring. Other than that, the house and the world outside is quiet.

And here is the summary for meteorological winter – which is the 3 months of Dec. – Jan. – Feb. Temperatures were a little colder than average in Grand Rapids and near average over the entire area.

ALSO: Very cold Wed AM on the island of Corsica – Figari set an all-time record cold temp. for the month of March. Weather satellite successfully launched into space yesterday. California gets some much-needed rain 4.58″ of rain in 3 days in Seattle.