First 90° Day of 2019

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The temperature in Grand Rapids reached 90° on Monday for the first time in 2019. Last year is was 94° on July 1 and that was the 8th 90-degree day of the year. We had 19 days that reached 90° in 2018. 94° was the warmest temperature of 2018 and that occurred on July 1 and July 4 (the Grandville Fourth of July Parade last year was the hottest parade I’ve ever been in – and I’ve been invited to a lot of parades over the years.

First 90-degree days of the year

Here’s when we had the first 90-degree day in the past four years. In 2014 and in 1951, we did not have a 90-degree day during the year (and both of those years were followed by cold and snowy winters.

The most 90-degree days ever in G.R. was 41 back in 1895. More recently, we had 37 90-degree days in 1988 – a year when early summer was very dry. We had just 1/4″ of rain in Grand Rapids during the month of June that year. The average date of the first 90-degree temperature is June 16. The earliest 90-degree day was April. The average last day for a 90-degree day is August 15. The earliest 90-degree day was April 30, 1899 – same year we recorded our coldest temps. ever in G.R. (-24 on 2/13 and 2/14). The latest we’ve made 90° in G.R. was September 29, 1953.

Also: Huge hail in France. Video of the hail in Guadalajara, Mexico. Hail in Italy. Hailstorm in Switzerland. Beautiful sunset. The biggest heat wave in Michigan and in the U.S. was in the 1930s – we also had severe heat waves in Europe. Rope waterspout in Turkey. Major flooding in Russia. Another pic. of big hail in France. Here comes the storm. Heavy rain for Viet Nam. Texas rainbow. Sunset at Wolf Lake. Pretty Florida sunset. Ka-Boom Twin KaBooms Cumulonimbus. Pretty pics. from E. Long Island. Noctilucent clouds. Gigantic mountains of hail in Mexico. Flooding in Austria. Large hail in the Czech Republic. Water racing down the streets of town. Truck drives into building. Heavy rain in India. Strong straight-line winds. Water 13 meters high! High temperatures in the low-mid 70s at Wimbledon. Large hail in Germany. Lightning. Mammatus clouds. Huge hail in Upper Austria. More Mexican hail pics. Record Monthly Maximum Rainfall Set at London KY of 12.22 inches for June! Flooding in Guatemala. More hail pictures from Mexico. Toilet hail geyser. Plowing thru the hail. Alabama rainbow. Lightning and fireflies. Pretty Alaska. More noctilucent clouds. Tree on car. Anvil. More video of the Mexico hail. Incoming shelf cloud. People need to be rescued – cars in 4 feet of hail. Flood in Russia. Harmful blue-green algae. WOW! Colorado rainbow. Florida waterspout. Lightning hits close apartment building. Hail in Russia. Video of tornado in S. Dakota. Tornado in Russia.

The highest temp. in the U.S. on Monday was 114 at Death Valley CA and the lowest was 29 at Bogard Ranger Station CA.

U.S. June 2019 U.S. Temperature Anomaly

The contiguous U.S. was roughly 1.3 deg. cooler than average in June.

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