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Spring planting is behind schedule in Michigan, mostly due to wet fields.  The graph above shows this year (less than 50% of corn planted as of June 3) compared to last year and average.

Same story for soybeans…still less than half planted in Michigan.  Soybeans take a few days less to grow…so there is a brief window when farmers could switch from corn to soybeans in order to get a crop in.  A lot of factors come into play here…crop insurance is one of them…of course the tariff status and $$ from the government to cover that is also a factor.  This summer does not look like a hot one for the Great Lakes (actually for much of the U.S. – wet ground often leads to slightly cooler than average daytime high temperatures in summer…the sun’s energy goes to evaporating water as opposed to more heating of the air if the ground is dry. 

We also have colder than average Great Lakes.  Yesterday there was some fog over Lake Michigan.  When it’s foggy, the sun does less heating of the water.

Here’s a drought map from the Climate Prediction Center…this spring we have had the lowest amount of land area experiencing drought of any year since the Drought Monitor began.  You can see the heavy rain that caused the Midwest flooding (record flooding on the Arkansas River…very high water on the Mississippi River).  You can also see the heavy precipitation in the Great Lakes area that has contributed to the high water levels on the Great Lakes. 

Joe Bastardi said that the weather pattern now looks most similar to 2014.  In 2014, we did not get a 90-degree day all summer in G.R.  The warmest temperature that summer was 89° on July 22.  That summer (June – August) was not drastically cool – just 0.7° cooler than average.  The following winter (2014-15) was similar to last winter…colder than average in Nov. – warmer than average in Dec. colder than average in January and we had the coldest February ever in G.R. in 2015. 

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