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I have a Geography degree as well as my degree in Atmospheric Science.  Sometimes after the news, I like to take a little trip on my computer – to see some faraway place – I start with Google, Google images, Wikipedia and a map.  Last night I looked at the FAA camera at Dutch Ballyhoo on Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska.  It was a somewhat rare mostly sunny day and I’ll share the 2 pictures from the camera:

The camera spins around and takes pictures looking NNW, NNE, ESE and SSW.  The Aleutian Islands stretch for 1200 miles to the southwest and then to the west from mainland Alaska.  There are 14 “large” islands, 55 “small” islands, and several hundred “tiny” islands.  There are only 8,126 people in the whole island chain, with 4,283 on Unalaska Is., right next to Amaknak Is.  There are 57 active volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands and the islands are prone to moderate to occasionally strong earthquakes. 

Here’s a picture of the village of Unalaska.  August is the warmest month here with an average high temperature of 53F, January is the coldest with an average high of 32F.  The warmest temp. ever was 81F and the coldest -8F.  They average 61″ of precipitation per year and that includes 91″ of snow.  The first snow is in October and the last in May.  It’s very rare to hear thunder.  It’s also a very windy place with very few calm days.  They get precipitation on an average of 223 days per year (61% of all days).  They get quite a few storms with mixed precipitation – rain changing to snow or freezing rain.  There are only 7 miles of paved roads on the island of Unalaska and 1/5th of the scheduled flights are cancelled due to weather.  If you’re looking for a place that doesn’t get tornadoes or 90-degree days – this is your kind of place. 

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