Dry Saturday, Wet Next Week, Starting Sunday

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7-Day Rainfall Forecast from the Weather Prediction Center

The above map is the 7-day rainfall forecast from the Climate Prediction Center. We should see above average rainfall in W. Michigan, starting tonight (Sat. night). Rainfall amounts will be higher near the Indiana border (3″ could fall here) and a little lighter to the north (1/2 to 1″ in far Norther Lower Michigan). It should keep things green across S. Lower MI and reduce the need for irrigation and sprinkling.

The map shows above average to well above average rainfall through the “Corn Belt” that runs from E. Nebraska and the E. Dakotas east through Ohio into far W. Pennsylvania.

Nationally, there’s soaking rain in the Florida Peninsula, “monsoon” showers and storms in N. Mexico and Arizona (where the first desert haboobs may occur) and there are showers across much of S. Canada where wildfires are still a concern. A few showers may occur on the mountains south of Reno NV.

Significant rain possible Sunday into Monday

Significant rain is possible Sunday night into Monday. More showers/t-showers are possible on Tuesday. Looks like no 90-degree temperatures this week. The next 2 weeks are on average the warmest 2 weeks of the year. The average high temperature this week in G.R. is 83°.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Saturday 7/10

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for today (Saturday 7/9). This looks like a big severe weather day from Oklahoma into SW Missouri and NW Arkansas. It’ll be a little cloudier today SW of G.R. with more sun the farther north you go. The clouds will be high level clouds blown off the thunderstorms in the central U.S.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Sunday 7 11 21

Here’s the Severe Weather Outlook Map from the Storm Prediction Center for Sunday. There’s a large Marginal Risk Area from Texas to Pennsylvania. While t-storms are possible, esp. during the PM, the risk of severe weather will be pretty much south and southeast of Michigan.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Monday 7 12 21

For Monday, there’s a Marginal Risks from SE Michigan to Tennessee and N. Alabama. The Marginal Risk in Michigan is approximately east of a line from Hillsdale to Flint. While severe weather chances are low in W. MIchigan, scattered t-storms are likely, esp. in the PM. We’ll have another chance of storms (and possibly strong storms) on Wednesday PM/night. Daytime temperatures will be mostly in the 70s from today (Sat.) through Tuesday.

Excessive Rainfall Outlook for Saturday/Saturday night

The Excessive Rainfall Outlook has a moderate risk of flooding (significant) for parts of S. Iowa and N. Missouri.

Storm Reports from Friday/Friday night

Friday was a big severe weather day. There was just one small, inconsequential tornado in E. Wyoming. There were 321 reports of wind damage, including 17 reports of winds of 75 mph or greater – Nebraska really got walloped. There were 105 reports of severe hail, including 19 reports of hail bigger than golfballs and hail nearly the size of softballs.

Flooding in Chariton, Iowa Saturday – pic. from Austin Hamilton

The pic. above from Austin Hamilton shows flooding in Chariton, Iowa. Chariton reported 2.42″ of rain on already wet ground. Nearby Lucas, Iowa had 4.18″ of rain.

Hot Weekend at Death Valley CA

It’s going to be wicked-hot this weekend at Death Valley CA – but, the all-time record high temperature and the record warmest low temperature both occurred over 100 years ago. Death Valley reached 130° on Friday and the LOW temperature was 104°.

New all-time record high temperature set at Grand Junction in Western Colorado

Grand Junction Colorado Regional Airport set a new ALL-TIME record high temperature of 107° degrees. This breaks the old all-time record of 106° from July 21, 2005.

ALSO: Despite the record heat in the Northwest, there’s still plenty of snow on Mt. Baker in WA. Lightning over NYC. It has been confirmed that the hourly #rainfall of 40.6mm (1.6″) at Edinburgh (Scotland) Botanical Gardens on Sunday 4.7.21 1700-1800 BST was the highest hrly. rainfall on record for the city. At midnight, Mt. Washington NH reported a northwest wind at 43 mph and a temperature of 46°. Peak gusts Friday from Elsa. Wyoming “water devil”. Ka-BOOM! Magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Indonesia. Not a tornado. Flooding at Zion N.P. Nice rainbow. Funnel cloud in England. Huge hail fell in parts of IA and NE yesterday (Fri.) and last night.

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