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Buoycam South Haven 9 11 18 right at sunset - lake calm_1536732278311.png.jpg

This pic. is the South Haven buoycam at sunset, 8 pm on 9/11/18.  We have lost 2 hours and 43 minutes of daylight since the Summer Solstice back on June 21 and we are losing daylight at the rate of nearly 3 minutes each day. 

Here’s sunset at the South Haven Channel.  The sun is setting much closer to due west now and we’re going through that time of year when the sun is due west in the evening and due east in the AM, right in your eyes when you are driving.

Here’s a close up of the South Haven sunset.  The last boat is coming in, lots of people on the end of the breakwater enjoying the sun’s last minute of Sept. 11. 

We’ve had another classic case of upwelling.  Note the water temp. here at the S. Haven buoy dropped from the low 70s to the mid 40s…and since bounced back to 54°. 

So far the month of Sept. is averaging 2.9° warmer than average and that trend should continue for about a week before cooler, more fall-like air arrives.  This month, G.R. has had 2.07″ of rain – that’s 0.56″ above average.  For the year, G.R. is at 30.18″ of precipitation, which is 3.95″ above average.  Lake Michigan/Huron is 18″ above the September average. 

Here’s U.S. high temps. from Tue.  Lots of 70s 80s – some 90s and 60s – a few 100s in the Desert Southwest. Traverse City was warmer than Galveston TX.  The warmest spots in the U.S. were El Centro and Ocotillo Wells CA at 111° and the coolest was 24 at Copper Basin ID.  Only two severe weather reports yesterday – both in Walsh Co. ND for marginally severe hail.  Some heavy rain fell in Maine:  4.04″ at Seawall ME, 3.81 at Southwest Harbor ME and 2.68″ at Portland ME.

The kp-index was running around 2 overnight – so no Northern Lights tonight – Monday night it ramped up to a 6 and a few folks got a nice view of the Aurora.  There were some great shots of the aurora in northern Michigan Monday night, including this one from Petoskey that also captured a meteor.  Here’s another pic. from N. Michigan.  

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