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This is the 7-day rainfall forecast for the Weather Prediction Center. The dry pattern continues. Zero percent chance of rain today (Fri.)…maybe 10-15% for Sat. and 15-20% for Sunday. We’ll keep low chances for a shower in the forecast thru Wed…maybe a little better chance of rain by Thu.

Heavy rain and possible flooding for much of the Central and Southern Plains during the next week.

It does warm up…lots of days coming up with highs in the 70s. No frost/freeze next week or the week after as I see it now.

Storm Reports for Thu. 5/13/21

Here’s the severe storm reports from Thu. Outside of one marginal severe hail report in Florida, the severe weather was concentrated in NW KS and W NE. Only one small and insignificant tornado. There were a couple reports of 2″ diameter hail and a 74 mph wind gust at Keystone NE. Check out these strong winds. We’ve had a lower than average tornado count so far this year.

ALSO: Check out these iridescent clouds. 6.6 Magnitude e-quake in Indonesia. Magnitude 6.0 e-quake in E. Japan. Since the beginning of April, New Orleans has had 379% of average rainfall. Satellite view showing all the stratus clouds in the Eastern Pacific’s relatively cold water. Jekyll Is. sunset. Dust devil in Rockford. Distant double rainbow. Von Karman vortices – cool satellite loop. Tornado in SE France. Tropical storm coming up into W. India with heavy rain. Polar bears doing fine. Satellite loop of a mostly clear Australia. Magnitude 6 quake strikes SSE of Punta de Burica, Panama.

Details of the Weather Balloon launch at Gaylord MI this evening

With light winds, the balloon didn’t travel nearly as far as usual. Crescent moon and Mercury.

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