Dredging at S. Haven

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This pic. was Lake Michigan at S. Haven Wed. evening. You can see a small fishing boat, to the left of that…a barge that’s dredging and – look to the right of the logo and you’ll see a ship in the distance. That’s the “Alpena” heading toward Muskegon at about 14 mph. The daily high temp. at S. Haven was 51.1 at 11 am, then the lake breeze kicked in and the temp. fell into the 40s and stayed there all afternoon.  It then rose back to 53.8 at 11 pm when the wind went east off the land.

Here’s another view of the dredger out past the lighthouse.  The dredging area is from the Dyckman Bridge out through the channel and out around the channel mouth.   They hope to take out 45,000 cubic yards of sand in two weeks.  They are using 10 sections of 1000-foot pipe.  Hopefully, we won’t have too many really windy days.  The water level of Lake Michigan is 2 feet higher than average.  The high water level means it’s possible for some ships to carry a little heavier load and set a few inches down into the water.  In general, more dredging has to be done when water levels are low. 

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