Does Only a Little Snow in Dec. Mean Only a Little Snow in Jan.

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The graphic above shows the years when we had the least snow in December in G.R.  These numbers are not official yet, but it looks like we may have had our 6th least snowy December.  #1 on the list is 2014 – when we had 31″ of snow in November and only 1″ of snow in December.  Next come two years from more than 100 years ago.  BTW it’t not unusual for a pattern to repeat two years in a row.  The biggest floods on the Grand River in G.R. occurred in 1904 and 1905 and again in 1947 and 1948 (and that’s by volume of water, not gauge reading).  In 5th place (not shown on the graphic) is 1979 – then this year it looks like we’ll finish with 3.2″. 

In (  ) is the snowfall total for the January that followed those Decembers…it ranged from 13.1″ to 27.0″.  So in all of these years, we had more snow in January (and much of it came in mid-late January).  Total snowfall in G.R. for the winter of 2014-15 was 78.1″ and for the winter of 2015-16 it was 60.1″.  So, keep the snow shovel handy, it should get some use later in January and February. 

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