Coolest High Temp. Since June 20.

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This was sunset at Grand Haven from our Noto’s at the BilMar camera. Another week or so and the sun will be setting out of the picture (home view) to the left (or south). Today, the high temperature in G.R. was 73°. That’s the coolest high temperature since June 20. That was the day Waldo Stadium flooded…remember:

Waldo Stadium – June 20 2019 flood

The Kalamazoo Airport got 3.08″ of rain and some areas had over 4″. From Jan. to June we had 6 consecutive months with cooler than average temperatures and below average sunshine.

I got an email from Pure Michigan today. They say that hotel/motel occupancy in May and June was lower this year than last year. In May 2019 it was 60.53% compared to 62.80% last year in May. In June 2019 it was 68.61% compared to 73.21% in June 2018.

OK – back to sunset pictures. This was South Haven Thur. evening. The high temperature at the beach here at S. Haven was 69.8° on Thursday.

Rainfall Weds. night
Storm Total Rainfall from radar

Here’s some rainfall totals from Weds. night/early Thurs. Parts of Kent and Ottawa Counties especially had significant rain – and the ground really soaked it up.

Danish Festival

The Danish Festival is underway. Here’s a schedule of events. The two parades are at 6 pm Friday and 11 am on Saturday. While there is a chance of a shower or t-shower – it’s only a chance and the vast majority of the time it will be dry and pleasant. Side note – did you know there is a Steffensen Road in far NE Kent County? Another side note…you may have heard the rumor that Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark. Interesting note from the Wall St. Journal: “Greenland relies on $591 million of subsidies from Denmark annually, which make up about 60% of its annual budget, according to U.S. and Danish government statistics.” Wow, 60%? That’s a lot. The Danish Meteorological Institute is quite good and keeps track of Arctic ice.

Holland Sunset

Another nice sunset pic. from Thu. evening – this one from Holland from our Boatwerks Camera. Today we ended our streak of 16 days in a row with high temperatures in the 80s. From June 21 through August 14, high temps. in G.R. ranged from 78° to 92° – a range of only 14°.

Grand Rapids sunset 8 15 19

One last sunset pic. from our GVSU camera in downtown Gr. Rapids. Grand Jazz Fest is this weekend in G.R. at Rosa Park Circle. It’s FREE, Saturday afternoon and evening and again Sunday afternoon.

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