Coolest Day in 3 Weeks

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Friday, Grand Rapids had the coolest high temperature in the last three weeks at 77°.  It was also the first time this August that the temperature failed to reach 80°.  If you count the high and low temperatures together, every single day this month has been warmer than average.  Friday was also a very calm day, with an average wind speed in G.R. of just 2 mph. 

Here’s high temperatures from Friday PM for the U.S.  Most of the country had highs in the 80s and 90s.  Death Valley CA was the hottest spot in the U.S. (they usually are in summer) with 116°.  Other hot spots were 102° at Glasgow MT, 105° at Austin and Laredo TX and 103° at Fresno CA.  The 103° at Phoenix AZ sounds hot, but the average high temp. there is 104°.

This is the Barrow (aka Utqiaġvik) Alaska webcam at 8:29 pm local time.  The days are still long here in Barrow, but daylight is shrinking rapidly.  The sunrise today is at 5:24 am and the sunset is at 11:33 pm.  They’ll lose 12 min. and 36 sec. of day just in the next 24 hours.  They seem to be dredging in the upper near-right.  The houses are built above ground so they won’t sink into the permafrost.  There are no paved roads in Barrow.  They have had 2.1″ of snow since July 1.  They don’t get much snow – it’s kind of a desert.  They have had only 3.4″ of precipitation since Jan. 1.   Yesterday (Fri.) the high temp. at Barrow was just 36° and the low temp. was 31°.  The average high is now 44°.  A uniform cool airmass is over Alaska.  There was only a 34° difference between the state’s warmest temperature (66° at Sitka) and the 31° (state lowest) at Barrow.  Barrow has many days with a gray uniform stratocumulus or stratus overcast. Check out the map of Barrow (Utqiaġvik),  It’s flat with lots of small lakes and ponds. 

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