Warmer than Average This Week (Aug. 22-29)

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We’re in a warm and rather humid pattern that should last though much of the rest of August.

The last 8 days – from Aug. 13th-20th brought us 88% of possible sunshine. It’s not just been consistently sunny, it’s been consistently warm. We’ve had high temperatures in the 80s on eighteen of the last nineteen days. Saturday’s high of 89° in G.R. was the warmest temp. of the month of August so far. Despite the humid air, we haven’t had much rain of late. It’s like having a wet sponge, loaded with water, but nothing to squeeze the water out. So, much of West Michigan has been dry for nice days in a row.

Forecast Rainfall for the Next 7 Days – through Sat. evening the 28th

Here’s the 7-day rainfall forecast from the Weather Prediction Center. They are forecasting heavy rain across parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and SE Minnesota. Here in Michigan, we get some rain. Each day this week we’ll have a small chance of a shower or t-shower – best chance in the PM. So, by the end of the week, most areas will see some (welcome) rain.

You can see the heavy rain that will fall from Hurricane Henri in New Jersey, SE New York and New England. As I write this, Henri is barely a hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, but it should remain at that strength until it’s very close to landfall. The West stays mainly dry.

Boats in the Muskegon Channel August 21, 2021

I think there were more boats out on Lake Michigan Saturday than any day this summer. This was the Muskegon Channel. You can see the Lake Express Ferry coming into the channel.

Beach Hazards Statement for Sunday August 22

The G.R. NWS has issued a Beach Hazards Statement for this Sunday, August 22. Winds could pick up a bit. Models are forecasting waves could increase to 2-5 feet (highest a few miles off the coast). Remember, when it’s windy – don’t swim near or jump off the piers an breakwaters.

Water Temperatures Saturday

Water temperatures taken Saturday were remarkably consistent, all between 72° and 76°. It’s possible that we could get some upwelling today with a generally north wind, but if we don’t, water temps. should remain warm this week. Inland lakes have water temps. in the low 80s – very nice.

Friday sunset at Hoffmaster State Park – pic. by me!

The pic. above was sunset at Hoffmaster S.P. on Friday, August 20. It was my first trip to Lake Michigan this summer. I had a nice swim – did some reading. The only fly in the ointment was a fly…actually a couple of them. They were too quick for my swats. Oh, and last week when I was at Grose Park on Crockery Lake, I got attacked by a gigantic (horse?) fly. It was at the west end of the swimming area. I had this happen one other time at Grose Park – that time there were two gigantic (horse?) flies after me…one bit the top of my head and it was not pleasant. At some point I’ll share more about some summer adventures.

Sunset Gun Lake 8 21 21 from Kevin Owel

I get some nice pics. sent to me via email or facebook messenger and I should share more of them. Here’s sunset Saturday evening at Gun Lake from Kevin Owel. Gun Lake is one of the bigger lakes in SW Michigan at 2,680 acres. The deepest spot in the lake is 65 feet, but much of the lake is considerably shallower than that.

Iowa State Fair – 8 21 21 from Austin Hamilton

Finally, a couple of pics. from the Iowa State Fair from Austin Hamilton. Looks like they had quite a crowd. A few times my father took us kids to the Wisconsin State Fair. It was a fun adventure. We went on some rides had a couple of brats and got to see Alice in Dairyland (kind of the star of the fair).

Iowa State Fair

So far, this month of August in Grand Rapids has been pretty close to average. The average temp. of 72.3 is 1 deg. warmer than average. Rainfall for G.R. has totaled 2.27″ and that’s 0.18″ below average. We’ve had 9 dry days in a row in G.R.

Sunrise this Thu. (8/19) morning at Thunder Bay Island, Michigan

It was a pretty sunrise Thu. AM at Thunder Bay Island (pic. above from GLERL).

After a week, all the power was restored after t-storm winds of up to 90 mph raked Michigan the night of August 11-12.

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